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  1. Ineke Kramer said:

    Hi Tamsin, do you know the book “Lunch in Paris” ? May fit in your list of books about France. It is a momoir of a young American woman, falling in love with a Frenchman, moving to France. It is a love story with recipes.

    • Hi Ineke, thanks for the recommendation, I’ll read it. I also just finished The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz which is another American-in-Paris-with-recipes memoir and is very, very funny about life in France.

  2. Your new house is just lovely. We are still in a rented ‘pavillion’ and dream of living in an old house in France, but soon… Cecily

  3. Hi,

    I nominated you for the “Versatile Blog Award”
    You can find all the information you need here: http://solaner.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/another-day-another-award/
    I really appreciate your work! It’s incredibly inspiring! Thank you!

  4. Bounjour, our temporary neighbor! I look forward, when we return to the States and my Internet usage isn’t rationed, to reading all of your lovely posts.

  5. Hi there. Just found your blog – very interesting, thanks!
    We currently live in the South of France and for several reasons are needing to move Northwards, Normandy being the preferred option so far. I just wondered if you could tell me how easy it is to find footpaths (great dog-walkers) generally. Where we are it’s really easy . . . thanks!

    • The Brotonne forest running along the Seine west of Rouen is full of footpaths that are great for dogs. The beaches are good off season but tend to be restricted for dogs in the summer.

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